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Bitcoin... is this the end of digital currencies!!!

 What's bitcoin! 

 Bitcoin may be a cryptocurrency that was constructed in 2008 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto He has a group of his friends, and until today, no one knows anything about this group, which developed the most powerful currency in the history of the Blockchain.

Bitcoin may be a decentralized cryptocurrency grounded on blockchain technology, which may be a form of impalpable digital plutocrat. 

  the primary bitcoin deal took place in 2009 between Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney, with a deal of 100 bitcoins, and therefore the price of bitcoin at that time was$0.001. 


 • the way to invest in Bitcoin! 

 •1_Open an account on the Binance platform. 


 • 2, establishing the account with a biometric passport. 

 • 3, Convert your plutocrat to usdt currency. 


 • 4, look for the bitcoin or any currency you want. 

 • 5, Study the request and produce a technique for analysis. 


 • 6, Watch openings and double your capital. 

  what is the benefit of Bitcoin! 


 Bitcoin is an translated digital currency that you simply can convert to any currency you want, similar because the euro, the bone

 , also as the British pound. you'll pierce your currency at any time through the account opened in one of the major trading platforms through your phone, indeed if you would like to trade at any time you want you'll find a group From companies and brokers working in this field, once you get a set of digital currencies, it'll be transferred on to your electronic account that you want. 

 Also, the platform you're trading with may put freights on you when transferring, and therefore the value of the figure chance may increase with the increase in the chance of the quantum of currency to be transferred. You lose many bones with only one mistake, which results in your loss. 


 How am i able to deposit my plutocrat in a bitcoin portmanteau? 

 All you've got to do is have another account in which you can put plutocrat and also transfer them to a Bitcoin portmanteau. also you've got to specify the number you want to transfer from the total quantum of currency. we will say that Bitcoin is the future and present of digital currencies and it's certain that it'll be used in the future and may be done Indeed using it as a means of payment by countries, and therefore the request is controlled by a group of jumbos gathered from the major countries who presume in digital currencies and win billions of them by manipulating the request and stealing the plutocrat of the new, youthful investors who still understand commodity within the scheme of the global stock exchange movement, so it's scammed with a many Colored candles, therefore the investor loses plutocrat and wants to invest again to get them back, but it's useless. It's better to find out trading before entering and learn to read the wind of pointers and candles and what they mean so that the investor doesn't lose his plutocrat at the morning and that he can control his passions. similar work requires a robust personality to control himself during request collapse and loss of plutocrat to be invested. 


 The collapse of digital currencies, especially bitcoin! 

 After just one day of a recovery known to utmost digital currencies, the red candle returned to spread fear within the hearts of investors, and therefore the global request endured a sharp collapse after the Federal Reserve blazoned to raise the interest rate to 50 points on the bone , forcing investors to withdraw all their plutocrat from Bitcoin and pump it into other currencies. This led to a pointy crash of Bitcoin, which was followed by utmost other digital currencies 


 The Ethereum currency came in alternate place because the currency that lost the most during the crash, with a loss of seven compared to the daily decline of 10. The currency of Teezer maintained the third place because the largest digital currency with the stability of its collaborative request value at$72.37 billion, and therefore the USD ranked fourth in the position of one bone

 with a complete request value It amounted to$53.7 billion, and BNP is within the fifth place, with losses estimated at8.4, and a complete request value of$46.4 billion, with diurnal deals at an edge of$284.12 billion. 


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