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Types of trading and the study of risks.

types of trading 

There are several differing types of electronic currency trading, and that they differ in the time difference and the timing of your entry into the market.

 •Trading at the top of the day

  it's considered as the most popular method among the major market leaders and professional investors who spend almost all their time in the market, and therefore the trader here must analyze the market, its trends and movements daily and weekly, as this may allow the investor to take advantage of the future market movement to achieve his profits by placing tracking orders, but this may make him follow the market throughout today

 Daily trading

 Day trading is that the opening of buying and selling operations through short-term deals within the global market, where traders within the markets speculate in prices by opening a deal in a stock and then close it again based on the analysis of market events and prices, and every one of this may take place in a period not less than For one hour, traders in such deals depend more on technical analysis than on fundamental analysis, and daily trading methods differ, like speculation, fast trading, and trading on news.

 The financial market requires plenty of discipline, strength of character and focus, and this is often so that the trader can achieve his profits without panic. In some cases, you discover the common mistakes of new traders, which is losing their money through one thing, which is panic. The collapse of the market may sometimes cause some fear within the hearts of investors, which leads them to sell at a loss. and therefore the loss of their money is due to speed, lack of focus, poor discipline and weak personality, so it's advised to be patient during the market crash and not to rush to sell except when market prices improve, and this may enable traders to reap regular profits.

 Traders can also resort to using the financial leverage that is obtained by brokers, the financial leverage enables them to reap profits twice the profits that they might earn without leverage, and maybe in some cases the leverage allows them to take profits twice 4 times that they might make, but the leverage has another face that didn't We get to know him after that, and once you lose, you'll not only lose your capital, but you'll lose many times your money placed in the trading portfolio, and this suggests that you will become in debt to the bank or to the broker who provided you with the leverage.

  what's the leverage!

 Leverage may be a method that allows you to get a view of the markets in which you trade more than the value of the money that you deposited, meaning that the leverage lends you money and it works within the method of contracts for difference, meaning that it'll magnify your profit, but it'll owe you when you lose as well. The leverage works with deposits referred to as margin and leverage Financial benefits, including inflating profits, all you've got to do is deposit part of your money, and therefore the margins will inflate the returns of your profits when you enter into profitable deals and also have drawbacks. On the opposite hand, the financial leverage amplifies your loss and you'll find yourself losing an amount greater than the amount that you deposited, and thus you'll find yourself drowning in debts to banks.

 Fundamental marketing research .

 Fundamental analysis depends on studying the company’s value data and analyzing its financial profit through financial data from its annual reports. Fundamental analysis can integrate data on companies’ economies. This feature may allow you to understand whether the stock is growing and prospering in the future or not.

 • quantitative chemical analysis of the basics.

  quantitative chemical analysis aims to use mathematics and algorithms in the way it works. Investors and traders can use quantitative chemical analysis by determining the time similar to buying and selling. Also, managers of banks or investment may resort to using quantitative analysis to double the benefits of profit and reduce the risk of loss and loss of money. quantitative chemical analysis depends on mathematical operations to determine net present value.

 • A chemical analysis of the basics.

 chemical analysis is based on a qualitative, non-mathematical study employed by major investors and managers to make their personal decisions. chemical analysis depends on the reactions of employees within the company, where employees are studied whether or not they are enthusiastic or not, and this permits them to show how the company works, which is an examination of numbers to make a decision whether the company will prosper first, in order that investors put their money into the shares of that company

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