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Digital currencies are falling to a minimum .... What will happen to them! Follow with us !

 The collapse of digital currencies. Is it  the top  of cryptocurrencies! 


 The cryptocurrency request collapsed to a minimum, which caused a state of fear and fear among large investors who seek to double their wealth through cryptocurrencies,  and therefore the  request witnessed several oscillations, but  just some  Whoever survived the free fall of utmost currencies, including the Luna currency, which caused contestation over its fall  and therefore the  loss of millions of youthful people in it, which led to spreading terror  within the  hearts of investors about the future of cryptocurrencies. 

The world's opinion about digital currencies.! 


 International reports have stated the extent of the peril of digital currencies in colorful leading  and customary  currencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, gold, litecoin and other digital currencies as dangerous and dangerous to The husbandry of major and arising countries 

US Bank Investors prefer digital currencies  instead of  indispensable means similar as real estate. 


 Some judges have stated that the bitcoin has fallen terribly and exaggerated, especially that its current price isn't  less than  26,  and therefore the  judges verified that the investor wishing to acquire indispensable means, the currencies Digital  is that the  stylish result for his desire,  consistent with  what large investors desire, as  they like  to acquire digital currencies rather of real estate and gold. 

Bitcoin lost further than 37 of its value as a  results of  the opinions of the global central banks and the recent decision of the US Federal Bank to raise the interest points to 50 points, and  this is often  the largest extent that the central bank raised its interest like this since a time ago This led to a decaying of the volume of liquidity in the requests,  and thus  the world witnessed a sharp collapse of the leading means, as investors lost at the morning of 2022 further than$ 500 million within a circumstance  every week ,  consistent with  what was reported by transnational journals and reports of transnational central banks. 


 Luna currency. between death and life caused by a violent attack by investors. 

The author of the Luna de Coon coin suggested  to supply  a plan to save his nearly-dead currency as seen by investors, and he put his idea to vend jumbos in exchange for a vote that came with a positive result on 

  the planning , where about 66 agreed with  the thought  of the Ducoin design to save and restore currency, and  a gaggle  opposed the design, and  consistent with  Du Coin, the currency design  are going to be  launched at the end of this month airdrop luna2.0 Important of  the previous  currency, which was renamed terra classique,  are going to be  abandoned 

 This event took advantage of  a gaggle  of scammers who launched the fake terra luna coin in the request to defraud small investors,  consistent with  the news circulating on the launch of the coin in the trading network These days, the report came from PeckShield,  a corporation  specializing in security and blockchain 

 The date for distributing the new Luna coin to the durations has been heldup.! 


 Moment, terra aggregator blazoned the holdback of the distribution of its new Luna2.0 coin until Saturday and added that the test network for Luna2.0 coin is presentlyrunning.and added that  the primary  hour To launch the currency is 6 am encyclopedically  

  it had been  also reported to them that the new Tera network is the largest decentralized blockchain, and added that some decentralized operations  are going to be  transferred to Tera Classic their new currency, and  this is often  the reason for the detention 


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